Where Do I Start?

Our Newcomers Class is a time to learn more about our congregation, ask questions about our tradition, and explore the history and future of our church. This class is an important part of the membership process at All Saints, and it is required for membership.

Membership in a local church is the way Christians follow Jesus in the world. The local church commits to oversight, support, and protection of the Christian’s discipleship process, and a Christian commits to faithfulness, obedience, and service to the local church. Jesus gives the world the church, and we follow him by joining it.

Contact Judy Rowe, Church Administrator for more information: judy@allsaintsweddington.org

Newcomers Dinner

Join us for dinner and fellowship at Fr. Filmore’s home one Sunday each quarter at 5PM. This is a wonderful time to meet staff and church leadership, experience the community at All Saints, and ask questions.


If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, the sacrament of baptism is the next step of obedience. Baptism is the door to the church, and no one enters without it. As an Anglican church, we believe the children of Christian families should also be baptized as they grow in public loyalty to Jesus with their family. 


After receiving instruction in the Christian faith through our confirmation classes, a member of the church is confirmed by a Bishop in our diocese and receives unique empowerment from the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:14-17; 1 Tim 4:14). Confirmed members can serve in leadership roles in the church.